HSC Right form of verb board question 2022

HSC Right form of verb board question 2022

1. Dhaka Board 2022  

When  I was a child (a) -----(be) afraid of the dark, and I always (b) ------ (go) to sleep with a light on. Even then, I feared that monsters (c) ----- (climb) in through my bedroom window and kill me. And Every sound I (d) ----- (hear) struck fear into me. Often, I ran away from the room and (e) ----- (sleep) on the floor at the foot of my parents' bed.  Now that I (f) ----- (be) almost twenty years old, I obviously do better than what I (g) ----- (do) as a child. However, I (h) ----- (be) still scared of bedtime. I dislike (i) ----- (sleep) alone, and I still keep a tiny night-light on. And before I go to bed, I double-check every door and every window to make sure that they (j) ----- (be) locked. Indeed, imaginary begins do not invade from outside, they exist in our superstitious beliefs. 

Answer: a) was; b) used to; c) would climb ; d) heard; e) slept; f) am; g) did; h) am; i) sleeping; j) are. 

2. Cumilla Board 2022 

(a) ----- (acquire) knowledge is not limited to any age or time. It can (b) ----- (gain) by any person all through the life. It (c) ----- (be) like unlimited wealth which can never (d) ----- (develop) with his dedication, patience and continuity. A Person (f) ----- (have) some new knowledge through regular observation and experimentation. The progress of human being largely (g) ----- (depend) on the growth of knowledge in various fields in positive and constructive ways. For example, Newton (h) -----  (discover) a theory of gravitation and there are many famous scientists who (i) ----- (invent) amazing things (j) ----- (make) life easy on the earth. 

Answer: a) Acquiring; b) be gained; c) is; d) be finished; e) develops; f) may have; g) depends; h) discovered; i) invented; j) making/ to make. 

3. Chattogram Board 2022 

Parents (a) — (be) blessings of God to us. When a child (b) — (bear), their joys (c) — (know) no bounds. They (d) — (start) (e) — (think) of (f) — (nurse) and (g) — (bring) up their children. They (h) — (remain) safe under the custody of their parents since birth. Parents never mind (i) — (take) pains for the upbringing of their offspring. We (j) — never (offend) our parents.

Answer: a) are (b) is born (c) know (d) start (e) thinking (f) nursing (g) bringing (h) remain (i) taking (j) should never offend   

4. Sylhet Board 2022 

COVID-19 (a) ------ (transmit) when people (b) -----(breathe) in air contaminated by droplets and small airborne particles (c) ----- (contain) the virus. The risk of breathing these in (d) ----- (be) highest when people (e) ----- (be) in close proximity, but they (f) ----- (inhale) over the longer distances, particularly indoors. Transmission also (g) ----- (occur) if splashed or (h) ----- (spray) with contaminated fluids in  the eyes, nose or mouth, and rarely via contaminated surfaces. People remain contagious for up to 20 days, and (i) ----- (spread) the virus even if they (j) ----- (not develop) symptoms. 

Answer: a) was transmitted; b) breathed; c) containing; d) was; e) were; f) called inhale; g) occurred; h) sprayed; i) spread; j) didn't develop. 

5. Barisal Board 2022 

Road mishap (a) — (happen) in our country almost every day. Recently it (b) — (rise) to an alarming rate (c) — (take) a heavy toll on human lives. The members of a family remain anxious if someone (d) — (travel) in a bus. In most cases, reckless driving (e) — (cause) road accidents. The drivers are in the habit of (f) — (violate) traffic rules. Road accidents can be (g) — (lessen) if the drivers drive their vehicles carefully. People should be conscious in this respect. While (h) — (cross) the road, they should be careful. Some people travel (i) — (climb) on the roof of the buses and trains. Traffic rules (j) -----(maintain) strictly with a view to controlling road accidents.

Answer: (a) happens (b) has risen (c) taking (d) travels (e) causes (f) violating (g) lessened (h) crossing (i) climbing (j) should be/must be/ought to be maintain. 

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