A Dialogue between two friends about the Importance of Reading Newspaper

Assalamualaikum everyone, Welcome to Educational Blog BD. Now, I will discuss with you a dialogue between two friends about the Importance of Reading Newspaper. I hope you will enjoy this dialogue. So, lets get started. 

Sadman : Hi Rumi, what are you doing?

Sadiya : I am reading newspaper.

Sadman : Why are you reading newspaper? I think you are wasting your time.

Sadiya : Reading newspaper is not  wastage of time.

Sadman : Will you explain?

Sadiya : To adjust with modern civilization, we have no substitute for reading newspaper. By reading the newspaper, we gain knowledge and know what is happening around the world. 

Sadman : Is there any educational page in the newspaper?

Sadiya : Yes, through a newspaper you can get reports about ongoing researches,discoveries,developments in various fields.

Sadman : Doesn't newspaper bring false news?

Sadiya : Sometimes, but there are nothing unmixed blessings in this world. I think you should build the habit of reading newspapers.

Sadman : I will try and thanks for your valuable information.

Sadiya : You are most welcome.

Chhoyful Alam

Assalamu Alaikum to All. Blogging is my dream, I have started blogging about education and technology in Bengali and English languages to fulfill that dream. Everyone will support me. I will try my best to publish high quality content In Sah Allah

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