Dialogue between two friends about the uses and abuses of Facebook

Assalamualaikum everyone, Welcome to Educational Blog BD. Now, I will discuss with you a dialogue between two friends about the Uses and Abuses of Facebook. I hope you will enjoy this dialogue. So, lets get started.

Tanjina : Hi Runa, How are you?

Anjuma : Fine and you?

Tanjina : Well. What are you doing?

Anjuma : I am using Facebook.

Tanjina : What is the main purpose of using Facebook?

Anjuma : It is one of the best medium for communication. It allows user to communicate with friends and make new friend around the world.

Tanjina : Why do you use Facebook?

Anjuma : Because it gives me the opportunity to share my ideas, feelings, activities, interests with people. I can know about the culture, values, custom and tradition of other countries.

Tanjina : Is there any other benefit?

Anjuma : By creating a group, students can use facebook for group study where they can share any information about projects, homework, assignments, exams etc.

Tanjina : Is it free?

Anjuma : It is free but you have to pay for Internet service.

Tanjina : Is there any disadvantage of using facebook?

Anjuma : Every social network has uses and abuses. Some disadvantages of facebook are it makes eyesight weak, wastage of time, poor result, cyber crime etc.

Tanjina : Thanks for your information.

Anjuma : You are most welcome.


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