Road Accident paragraph 100,150,200,250 words for 6,7,8,9,SSC and HSC

Road Accident Paragraph 100 Words for class 6,7,8

Write a paragraph on 'Road Accident' on the basis of the following questions.

  • Have you witnessed any accident?
  • When and where did the accident take place?
  • How did the accident happen? 
  • Who was the victim of the accident?
  • What did you do then?
  • What was your feelings?


Now-a-days a street accident has become a common incident  in Bangladesh. Some days ago, a tragic  accident took place just before my eyes. A boy was crossing the road near Debidwar Mohila College. A bus with full speed was coming from the opposite  direction . Suddenly I saw the boy running to cross the road. But the bus lost control and ran over him. The bus stopped with a loud sound. A crowd rushed to the spot. I ran to the boy in the twinkling of an eye , and saw that the boy was senseless. There was blood flowing  on the street. I took the wounded  boy into a car and told the driver to proceed to the Upazilla Health Complex. There the doctors and nurses took every care of him. But it is a matter of great regret  that he died there. I could not bear watching the scene. I came back home with a heavy heart.

Road Accident Paragraph 150-200 Words for class 9 and SSC 


There are many causes of road accidents the effects of which are very tragic. One of the major reasons is reckless driving. Drivers drive so desperately that they often lose control of their vehicles and cause an accident. Also, there are many defective  vehicles on the road. These vehicles lose balance and cause accident. Again, there are some drivers who are inexpert. They somehow collect driving license through bribery. These drivers cannot control their vehicles properly and cause accidents. Some accidents occur because of bad roads. In Bangladesh many roads are very unsafe. Vehicles ply on these roads with a great risk, and often there are accidents. The effects of road accidents are dangerous. Accidents snatch valuable lives. Some families become helpless when the earning members die in accident. Some people become crippled and disabled due to accidents. Their lives become so miserable that they suffer the pains of hell. Some measures can be taken to control road accidents. Roads and streets need to be constructed on proper plan. Modern system of traffic control should be introduced and reckless driving should be dealt with exemplary  punishment. Defective vehicles should be removed. Driving license should be issued honestly and duly. Only then, we can hope for a better future regarding roads and transportation.

Road Accident Paragraph 200 Words for HSC

Road Accident  paragraph 100,150,200,250 words for 6,7,8,9,SSC and HSC

Write a paragraph on 'Road Accident' on the basis of the following questions.

  • What is road accident? 
  • Why does it occur in Bangladesh? 
  • What is its effect? 
  • Who eqarare the worst sufferer? 
  • How can it be checked?


When a vehicle collides with another in the road is called road accident. It is a common phenomenon in our country. Road accident is increasing by leaps and bounds day by day. It is the most gruesome of the daily occurrences. It occurs in Bangladesh primarily owing to the reckless driving of the drivers. They often go almost mad to overtake without caring for traffic rules and regulations. Road od accident can cause irreparable loss and injure anyone badly. Sometimes it takes a gris toll of great many valuable lives. The effect of road accident is pathetic. A little mistake can cause a lot of tears to anybody. Somebody loses his/her dear and near The ones for ever. Pedestrians are the worst sufferers. They are often run over by the wheel while crossing the road. However steps should be taken to make sure that drivers abide by traffic rules. Exemplary punishment should be meted out to those who are held responsible for road accidents. The old vehicles should not be allowed to ply in the road. Pedestrians should be encouraged to use the footpath and overbridge while crossing the road. The people from all walks of life should come forward to tackle the problem jointly. Last of all the government should launch a programme to tackle it and enforce law and order strictly to curb road accidents.

এই পোস্টটি পরিচিতদের সাথে শেয়ার করুন

পূর্বের পোস্ট দেখুন পরবর্তী পোস্ট দেখুন
এই পোস্টে এখনো কেউ মন্তব্য করে নি
মন্তব্য করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন

শিক্ষামূলক ব্লগ বিডির নীতিমালা মেনে কমেন্ট করুন। প্রতিটি কমেন্ট রিভিউ করা হয়।

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