The hare and the Tortoise story-completing story in large and short

The hare and tortoise story-completing story in large and short - Educational Blog BD

The hare and the Tortoise story-completing story in large and short
The hare and the Tortoise


Slow But Steady Wins the Race/ Pride Goes Before a Fall

Answer:  There was a hare in a forest. A tortoise also lived in the same forest. The hare was proud of his speed and time and again he teased the tortoise for its slow speed. The tortoise got angry at this and he challenged the speed of the hare. He clearly proposed to run a race. The hare gladly accepted the proposal and they fixed up a date for the race. On the appointed day the race began. The hare started running at his high speed and soon left the tortoise far behind. So, he thought he might have a sleep as the tortoise could never reach him with its slow speed. He looked back and found no trace of the tortoise. Then he went to sleep. But the tortoise continued walking with its slow speed. It was about to reach the goal post when the hare suddenly got up from sleep. Then he started running as fast as could. But alas! The tortoise reached the goal post by this time. Whatever fast speed the hare had, he failed to defeat the tortoise. It’s a great learning for us that we must do something continuously that will bring success for us. It also teaches us that we must not be proud of our ability.



Slow and Steady Wins the Race/ The Race between the Hare and the Tortoise


A hare is a very speedy animal. He can run very fast. But a tortoise moves very slowly. Once upon a time hare was hare was very proud of his speed and cut a joke at a tortoise. Once the tortoise challenged the hare and invited him to run a race with him. The hare who was very proud of his speed said to the tortoise, “Listen friend tortoise, you are simply going to waste your time and my time as well. You know my speed. To beat you to me is as easy as talking some tender grass from the field.” The tortoise in return said, “I know your speed but there is still something which I know but you don’t know.” However, they both went to a fox and asked him to be the jungle of their contest. The fox agreed and on an appointed day they met at crossroads.

Finally, the unequal race began. The hare, from the beginning started running at a top speed and soon left the tortoise far behind. Crossing almost half of the distance the hare looked back. There was no sign of the tortoise around.

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The hare smiled and said to himself, “I am really a fool. Why should I run so fast in the hot sun with the slow, old tortoise? I will start again when the tortoise will catch up, before that let me have a rest.” So thinking he lay down to have a rest under a shady tree. But, as he was little tired, he soon fell asleep. The tortoise on the other hand went along his slow but steady way. He never stopped nor looked back and at last passed the proud hare and reached the finishing spot well ahead of the hare. The hare knowing not when he fell asleep, awoke with a start and looking back found no sign of the tortoise. Still satisfied with himself, he started running. But on reaching the finishing spot, he saw the tortoise gossiping with the fox, the judge of the race.

However, the proud hare admitted his defeat and requested the tortoise to tell him on which thing he capitalized as he said before the race.

Then the tortoise said, “You should know friend : Pride goes before a fall and slow and steady wins the race.”

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