Global Warming Pragraph for SSC, HSC 250,300 words

Global Warming Pragraph for SSC 250 words

Global Warming 

In recent years, there have been many alarming reports to the effect that the world's climate is undergoing  a significant change. All these reports provide strong evidence that the world temperature is increasing day by day. This is called global warming. This increase in global warming is caused by the increasing amounts of carbon dioxide around the earth. The destruction  of forests and other habitats is causing the extinction of various plants and animals every day. If we destroy forests and burn down trees, the effects might eventually endanger us all. Theň the weather pattern will change and the world will become much warmer. Most climatologists believe that the greenhouse effect is the probable cause of that global warming. Climatologists predict that midway through this century, temperature may rise by as much as 4°C. This could catastrophically reduce mankind's ability to grow food, destroy or severely damage wildlife and wilderness, raise sea levels and thereby flood coastal areas and farmland. That is the reason why it is a threat to mankind. The alarming  news about Bangladesh is that, as a result of the rise of the sea level, southern part of the country may one day go under water. We can prevent it by planting trees in large numbers as well as by preserving  those that were planted before."

Global warming Paragraph for HSC 300 Words

Global warming is the ultimate result of environmental pollution. Air, one of the most important elements of environment, is getting polluted. As a result, the air surrounding the earth is gradually getting warmer. This is called global warming. It is negatively affecting the environment. Because of global warming, nature get affected. water owing to global warming. The destruction and burning down of tropical rain forests, the traffic clogging up.

As a result, natural calamities hit us every now and then. The lower southern part of Bangladesh will go under city streets, the rapid growth of industries, the use of chlorofluorocarbons in packaging and manufacturing commercial products, the use of detergents etc. are some major causes of global warming. 

So, the main elements responsible for global warming are carbon dioxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbons and so on. We can prevent it from getting worse by stopping or lessening environmental pollution. 

Moreover, we can arrange different seminars nationally and internationally for mass awareness. Different media can play their parts in this regard. To lead a healthy and happier life, we cannot but control global warming.