Completing Story: A book fair visited by Rima story for HSC exam

How is everyone, hope you are well. Today I am going to share with you an important story of HSC examination "A book fair visited by Rima." If you want to understand this story well, read this story very carefully. Let's get started. 

A book fair visited by Rima story for HSC exam

A book fair visited by Rima story for HSC exam

Rima is a girl of HSC 1st year at a renowned college. In the month of February, she was eagerly waiting to join a 'Book Fair' but her parents interrupted  with her plan. She was basically sentimental and emotional. Besides, she planned to go to the fair in consultation with her close friends. One day, she discussed the issue with her English teacher, who encouraged her to visit the fair and assured her that he would convince her parents so that they allowed her to go there. The teacher who was a neighbour of Rima's family, requested her parents to see him. They accordingly met him . The teacher somehow managed to convince her parents, highlighting the positive sides of such a fair. Then her parents allowed her to visit it. Rima went to the fair as scheduled accompanied by her close friends held at Bangla Academy, Dhaka. She went round the fair area and was highly impressed with the nice arrangement of the fair. She found some prominent literary personalities in the fair. She bought two books on religion and presented these to her parents. They were highly pleased with their daughter's sensible acts. Her father also met the English teacher and expressed his thanks for showing the right path to all of them.

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